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Top 10 Myths About Professional Carpet Cleaning and Why it Should be Done by a Professional

06 Jan 2017

You may have been hearing about some myths in connection with carpet cleaning services in Seattle. Most of these misconceptions have the potential to dissuade you from using carpet cleaning experts when it comes to all-purpose carpet care. Amateurs could have disseminated some of these cock-and-bull stories in this line of work, or it could... Read More

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Seattle

04 Feb 2017

The honest truth is that a dirty carpet is not just an ugly thing – it also poses a health hazard for you and the others living around. Carpet can store allergens that will in time affect health of you and your family’s health. Dirt, pollen and pet hair can all be trapped in the... Read More

Why commercial and residential carpet cleaning is more important than you may think?

01 Mar 2017

Most people wonder why they must hire the services of a professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning agency when they could easily rent steam cleaners or spot cleaners from any hard store and get the job done. They feel the products the professional Carpet cleaning agencies use could from any retailing store by any ordinary... Read More

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